Let’s just bring it right out into the open…

26 Oct

Because my daughter has been spreading it all over town anyway.

Bailey loves a word that I want to die every time I hear it. You may not know, but I was raised in a very reserved family. There were just certain words that we were never, ever allowed to say. My parents referred to them as vulgarities. I remember the first time I said the word “butt” in reference to my sit-upon. My mom freaked. Majorly. Got onto me in front of all my friends. That’s just hard to handle when you are 17.

The new word in our vocab is much worse than the word for tush. (See, I can’t even say that one again!)

There is a certain way we talk in our house. I know I’ve said it a time or two on this blog, but my goodness, I am an adult. But I never say it around my kiddos. Certainly not in a way that would encourage them to think it is something fun to say.

So you can imagine my shock when Bailey added a word to her vocabulary.

She was so sweet. Sitting there in her pigtails. Singing mommy a song.

It was the first song she’s ever made up. I’ll cherish it forever.

“Pup-py. Pup-py. Puppy puppy puppy.”

She smiled at me.

And at the top of her lungs.

“Puppy goes POOOOOOOP!”

With that, she lifted her tush in the air and made a raspberry sound.

Then died laughing. I mean, rolled onto the ground laughing. Came over and put her hand on my knee as if to say, “get it, Mom? It’s funny!”

Later that evening, she thought it would be funny to hold things behind her and drop them. Then say she pooped them.

“Look, Mommy, I poop it. I poop it.”

Laughing and rolling around on the floor like she is the funniest person alive.

Since then, every song she sings has poop in it.

Jesus loves poop. The people on the bus go poop. Five little monkeys pooping on my bed.

And my all time favorite. Just when I almost had her to sleep last night. In a teeny, tiny little voice I hear.

“Rock-a-bye. Rock-a-bye. Rock-a-bye Poooooooop.”

She laughed so hard, she rolled off her bed.

Just because my life is filled with poop, I don’t think we need to sing about it all the time. Apparently I’m wrong. And actually, it’s starting to become funny. But don’t tell anyone I said that.


2 Responses to “Let’s just bring it right out into the open…”

  1. Ally October 26, 2010 at 9:16 pm #

    Okay, I admit it, I cannot stop laughing. I love that she thinks she is so funny. Honestly, I would never be able to keep a straight face as she laughs at herself! LOL

  2. Kelli Northcutt October 26, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

    Lily – That’s hilarious!! I love it!

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