Cowboy dates girl

Assured by the girl who called from the front desk that the guy waiting to pick me up was good looking, I hurried down the stairs. I was so nervous, and it didn’t help that I had thirty of my closest roommates following me.

It was beginning to feel like we were a social experiment on the dating habits of country folk.

So after a nervous greeting, the cowboy and I walked out to his truck. He opened the door for me, then looked down.

“What is on your feet?”

I looked down at my brand new Doc Martin sandles. They were the first thing I bought with my first paycheck at college. I loved those shoes (I still have them, and wear them around the house with socks every once in a while). “My shoes.”

“What good are shoes that have holes in them?” he asked. “If it rains, your feet are going to get soaked.”

I had a feeling that we were probably from different planets.

Because it was already pretty late, we skipped dinner and just went dancing. I would like to say that he was a great dancer, um….he wasn’t. And that was extremely cute.

So we danced until two in the morning. There wasn’t a lot of talking — the music was just too loud. But we just danced.

When the club closed, he suggested that we go somewhere a little more his style. Apparently, he had taken me dancing because he thought it was what I wanted to do. I wasn’t tired yet, so I said yes.

Out we drove down a dirt road until we were far enough out of town that we could see the stars clearly in the early morning sky. He pulled over a bit, we got out and he boosted me up on the tail gate. And we talked.

I can’t even remember what we talked about now. But I do remember that for most of it I just wanted him to kiss me. He was so cute. When he laughed his green eyes wrinkled at the corners. And it was driving me crazy that he hadn’t kissed me.

I am sure that I was holding my breath just waiting for that kiss.

Then, he saw a shooting star. I never see them, so he tried to show me where it was. Then he started pointing out different constellations. He was really close to me. I turned my head to look at him at the same time he looked at me. Our faces were centimeters apart. I stopped breathing. I looked into his green eyes.

And he didn’t kiss me.

Talk about want to throw something. Aughhhh. It was torture.

The stars were fading as the sun was starting to turn the Eastern sky a light shade of purple. We were just sitting there, holding hands and not wanting to go home yet.

That’s when I knew. We hadn’t even kissed yet, and I knew. This was the man I was going to marry someday. Not a yippee, jumping up and down moment. Just a calm — I’m going to marry him.

If he ever kisses me.

I had to get back to the dorm to get some sleep before class. The cowboy had to drive an hour back to the ranch to help his dad with moving cattle around. So he started to help me down from the tailgate. Then he stopped.

And he kissed me.

And I married him.


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