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What I do when I have a lot to do…

9 Nov

You know that I have a to do list a mile long when I start completing lots of little crafty creative projects.

It’s my way of ignoring the fact that there are things I absolutely must get done.

Especially if I leave the sewing machine in the middle of the dining room table.

You can find the tutorial for the journal cover at kinn notebook. If you are like me and have two kiddos talking to you nonstop all day long, you may need to read those directions like fifteen times before you get it. Then, all of the sudden, ding! The light goes on. And you go ahead and do what she says.

I used the tutorial at happythings for the super cute little lined drawstring bags. Again, read it several times. Ding. Sew, sew, sew. I could make these bags all day long! I’m already planning on making a really big one this evening. The only variation I make on the pattern is that I make my lining fabric just a fraction shorter than my outside fabric (she uses like a 3 inch difference, which was too much for me).

I’ve never appliqued before, so that isn’t necessarily perfect. But the fabric is so cute that it makes up for the lack of skill.

And for you frugal crafters out there, I made all of this out of four fat quarters and 2 sheets of printer fabric. So all in all, my cute little projects cost me less than ten dollars. Which makes up for the new purse I bought this week…..or let’s just go with that.

Next time, I’ll take step by step pictures. I would have this time, but I had repair men in and out of the house all day. They probably already thought we were a bit odd due to Bailey wearing 3 different outfits all at the same time (including hair accessories). So I refrained from taking pictures every 20 seconds!

I’ve got to get back to the dining room now. I absolutely cannot do anything crafty tomorrow, just to make up for all that I did today.