Saying thank you doesn’t nearly say enough…

10 Nov

I’m the daughter of a Veteran. I’m the niece of a Veteran. I’m the Granddaughter of a Veteran. I’m the sister of Veterans, cousin of Veterans and a friend of several Veterans.

The words “thank you” can’t even begin to cover the feelings I have for those who sacrifice for our country…..for my family.

Sometimes I’ll be sitting on my porch watching the kiddos chase fireflies and think, “This is what so many have fought and died for. Right here in my front yard.” And I pray a prayer of thanks. All of my blessings come from someone who I don’t even know fighting for our country and our freedom.

I’m so blessed that my children have so many beautiful opportunities. Dally’s Daisy Troop marched in our local Veteran’s Day parade this last weekend. I love that her first parade was for something so special and meaningful.

I didn’t realize how much it really meant until we were actually there.


Nor did I realize that I was in this picture. See my flag? I was holding it and the camera at the same time!



The parade started off with a flyover. It was really amazing. I can’t believe I’m as old as I am and have never seen a flyover before! I also can’t believe I took this picture without falling over backwards on a Girl Scout.



We were right behind the bagpipes when lining up. Can I just say that I think that dude was totally rocking out in his head? He is definitely the coolest bagpipe player I have ever seen. It must be hard to remember not to shake it when you are wearing a kilt. I give them all big time props for that.



The girls were given bags of candy so that they could throw them at the children along the parade route. It took a bit for this information to sink in.



As the parade got underway, one of the first places we passed was the Senior Citizen’s Center. I was so proud of my girls, who waved big time at all the lovely seniors. However, after the parade, we stopped back by the Center to visit and  I learned quickly that you do not drag two children through a mile and a half parade, back up the parade route and into a building of seniors. Let’s just say Dally bumped Bailey. Bailey bit Dally. Dally screamed at Mommy. Mommy dragged both girls out of the Center while the seniors all chuckled.



There was so much to look at and so much noise that Bailey just couldn’t remember that she needed to walk. And I’m not talking a leisurely stroll down Main Street. This parade was in high gear. The feet behind her don’t belong to the group of people we were supposed to be walking with. In fact, in the process of taking this picture, we fell way far behind. Which resulted in my carrying my 40 pound two year old while trying to run on pavement in cowboy boots to catch up. It counted as all my exercise for the next month. I was literally out of breath by the end of the parade route.



When we reached the end of the parade route, Bailey was clinging to her bag of candy like it was her lifeline. Not only did she not throw any, she made sure she picked up all the candy she came across along the way.


The kiddos are too young to understand, but the parade was truly amazing. So many generations of Veterans all in one place. As I walked by and waved at so many of them I wondered if they were thinking of how they became Veterans. The prices they paid. The freedom to have a small-town parade honoring them.

And when the bike drove by with the POW/MIA flag, I couldn’t help but think of those that never made it home to see the parades or the scouts or hear the bagpipes. But maybe they see it anyway.



2 Responses to “Saying thank you doesn’t nearly say enough…”

  1. Charlotte November 13, 2010 at 12:51 pm #

    What a beautiful post and wonderful pictures. It’s wonderful that you are honoring our vets in this way and recognizing all the work they do and have done. Awwww, your girls are too cute in their matching coats 🙂

  2. Rachel Cotterill November 18, 2010 at 2:08 pm #

    Beautiful post. I’m sure the kids will understand it more and more each year.

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