Lights, Rides, Animals and Sticky Fall Goodness!

4 Oct

Ah. The crispness of the autumn air is filled with the sounds of bleating sheep and bawling steers. Well, until you get on the midway, then it’s filled with the cries of the carnival barkers and the music from a million rides.

That’s right, it’s fair time.

Tulsa State Fair started last week. So we all loaded up and headed East for an afternoon of fair going.

Now the Fair is this odd combination of animals, homesteading exhibits and general chaos. I am convinced that it was a perfectly lovely experience, until someone had the idea to start selling fried foods on sticks and luring kiddos to the carnival rides.

The Cowboy and I are perfectly happy watching the animals and looking through the 4-H and FFA Exhibits.

But, we went and had kiddos. And the midway draws them right in.

So we spent a few minutes with the petting zoo.

All the poor little animals had been force fed copious amounts of feed all day long by happy little kiddos. They were no longer hungry for $5 cups of feed. Which led to lots of parents giving away the feed (which is how we got ours and how we passed it off on someone else!).

Bailey gave up on the feeding and was trying to get over the fence to ride a goat. I was honestly surprised that she was the only one who thought of this.

Dally found a little lazy goat and hand fed him. Lucky goat, he didn’t even have to get up. I would have brought him home with me, but the Cowboy had already threatened to divorce me over the alpaca. And he just walked off mumbling when I scratched ears on a lovely little kangaroo.

We tried to watch some livestock shows, but felt so bad for the people around us. They had to listen to both girls whine about “the rides, the rides, Momma, Daddy, the rides.”

So we stuffed their bellies full of fried foods on a stick. The expressions on their faces say it all! It occurred to me that they probably have never eaten fried foods on sticks before.

They both ate those entire foot-long corn dogs. Then we dragged them up and down the midway until it was dark. The cowboy let them play several games and win lots of stuffed animals that were in desperate need of a home.

We finally decided on the Merry-Go-Round. You see, after the parking, entrance fee, large amounts of fried foods, etc, I figured we had spent at least $100. I was not going to spend another $100 on rides. So we all had to agree on one ride to ride as a family.

The kiddos waited patiently in line. They were more well behaved than they’ve ever been in their whole lives. Little hands handed over tickets. The Cowboy led us around the entire cavvy of brightly painted horses, because “you have to pick the perfect horse.”

We chose…



And we were off!

They galloped, they giggled and they begged for us to buy them their own Merry-G0-Round. There aren’t any great pictures of them riding around and around, because Mommy had a hard time holding on, standing upright and keeping her fried foods on a stick down.

My name is Lily. And I get sick on the Merry-Go-Round.

And in our search to end the evening in a perfect way, we encountered the most fall of all creations: Caramel Apples.

Yummy, gooey Caramel Apples.

How do you improve the stickiness of this perfect treat?

Roll it in M&M’s! Ahhhh. Sticky goodness, combined with chocolate goodness! She didn’t even know there was an apple inside.

It was impossible to eat without your face becoming covered with blue and green and sticky stuff.

After a while, she gave up and was content to watch Mommy try to eat that M&M monster! There is no way to eat one of those quickly while walking through a crowd of fair-goers. The cowboy tried and an M&M flew off and hit a guy in the side of the head.

Thank goodness Dally chose sprinkles!

In case you’re wondering, the kiddos chewed and chomped and got sticky, but never finished either of these treats. The Cowboy and I then took over, but never finished them either! They were the amazing, never ending treat. My suggestion? Buy the Caramel Apples first and it will be a fairly quiet animal viewing experience. Just a bit sticky. But then again, when are things not sticky around here?


4 Responses to “Lights, Rides, Animals and Sticky Fall Goodness!”

  1. Ally October 4, 2010 at 2:18 pm #

    My name is Ally, and I get sick on the Merry-Go-Round, too. 🙂
    You have to love all the food on a stick at the fair – fried, dipped, and stuck. Mmmmmm.

  2. My name is Carol October 4, 2010 at 4:44 pm #

    I get sick on all rides except the Merry Go Round, go figure that one!

  3. Angie Neff October 6, 2010 at 9:03 am #

    Lily, this was hilarious! I was trying not to laugh out loud as I was sitting in the library at school. I like the whole m&m flying off and hitting the guy in the side of the head lol! Great story.

  4. Samantha October 6, 2010 at 9:59 am #

    Love the M&M story. LOL I am still laughing. Aw fond fair memories.

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