Funny old cowboys…

27 Sep

We are now on day seven without full water. There is a problem with the rural water and many of our neighbors have no water at all. We are lucky. We have the cold water trickle.

We also  have a tankless water heater. It requires a certain amount of water pressure to heat the water flowing through it.

A trickle just doesn’t cut it. So all we have is a cold water trickle.

My friends are curious how I deal with this, as in how I look and smell just fine. The process is really quick. You turn on the cold water trickle. You run under it. Then you turn it off and lather up. Do not put the full amount of shampoo in your hair, because you’ll never get it out. And forget about the conditioner. Then you turn the water back on and stand under it repeating “cold water is better than no water” and “beauty is worth the pain, beauty is worth the pain.” It’s really a great test of endurance. I have it down to like 5.7 seconds at this point.

I have practice at the cold water shower. I spent a summer in the Colorado mountains without hot water. However, I had the mountains to make it worth it.

All I have here is a growing pile of laundry and lots of jugs of drinking water. And I am 10 years older. The older you are, the less you like really cold water.

So how does the cowboy handle this?

Picture one of those old cowboys in his hat, boots and long underwear headed for a creek on a trail drive with a bar of soap and a towel.

Yep. I married one of those men straight from a western movie.  Hobbling his way into water that I am not convinced is really clean. I mean, there are cows, horses and goats all up and down that creek.

Seriously. Life is getting stranger and stranger out here on the prairie.

I would fill you in on the other surprises, but I have to take the laundry down to the creek now to rub against a washboard. Good thing I have a stash of homemade lye soap made from the ashes from our wood stove. It’s great to be prepared for emergencies like these. I just hope I don’t see any other funny old cowboys taking a dip in our watering hole while I’m out there.


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