Special Delivery

24 Sep

Hello. Cattle truck. You are loud. You are noisy. You may even be smelly on occasion. You are really scary to my kiddos who were terribly frightened when you pulled around our drive.

This is our loading chute. Well, that’s what I call it. The cowboy might call it something different. In order to get cattle off of these really large trailers, you need a really large chute. My kiddos like to climb up it and make me have a heart attack by threatening to jump off.

Bailey was terrified, but fascinated at the same time. I tried to get a picture of the steers coming off the truck, but I was about two feet too short. And afraid of falling off the chute backwards in front of people. And cattle. They never let you live that sort of thing down.

So steers in the pens. Steers that have never left their mommas before. Steers that cry all night long, right outside our window for their mommas. The cowboy loves it. Personally, it’s nice for the first few minutes. The lulling sound of the bawling cattle. But after four hours….you start thinking what great hamburgers they are going to make. Sorry. That’s a bit harsh. But I’m sleep deprived!

On top of the lack of sleep comes the lack of water.

Right before the steers were delivered, we got a call from a neighbor saying something was wrong with the rural water system and that we would soon be waterless. Not a great thing with thirsty cattle.

After they emptied the tub in the pens, I turned them out into the yard to drink from the kiddos’ swimming pool. I had angry kiddos, but happy steers. And a lot of nature’s fertilizer all over my yard.

After a nice drink, the steers formed a gang and broke out of the yard, went through the pens, found a weak spot in a cattle panel and off they went.

Straight down the creek, through a gap in the water gap and into the neighbor’s woods.

That was three days ago. The cattle have been rounded up, but we still have no water. It’s a trickle, then nothing. Then a trickle. Then nothing. I can’t take it anymore. I’m just not a tough enough cowgirl to go without water. I’m not even going to pretend to be. I could come up with wonderful ways to persevere through it all with lots of wit and grace. But I’ve been taking really cold trickle showers. Cold water and I are not friends.

I’ve sent the kiddos outside to dig us a well. It should keep them busy for a while. Then I’ll have them work cattle, feed horses, fix dinner, clean the house and wake me up from my obvious dream.


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