Cowboy Swimming Pool

5 Jun

Summer is officially here. How do I know? Last night when I got out of the truck to halter an injured horse for doctoring, Dally rolled up the windows and locked the doors on the truck. Once she let me back in the truck, after some yelling and foot stomping on my part (oh my goodness, I now know who she gets THAT from), she opened the door and explained that she felt the air conditioning was more important than mommy being in the truck. She knew I’d turn it off and roll the windows back down!

So this morning, the cowboy and I started to throw around the idea of a swimming pool for the girls. Ever since Dally went under the water when she was smaller, I’ve been terrified of the kiddos drowning. It can happen so quickly and quietly. So I’ve always limited them to kiddo-sized pools. And although it seems that we would swim in the ponds or the creek, let me tell you a secret — there are snakes in them there waters. Lots of them. This is a rocky, rocky prairie. And snakes love rocky, rocky creeks.

No thank you.

After contemplating the fates of all our previous swimming pools that include hearing the swimming pool being blown down the drive next to our house. Slowly. And the one time we found the pool in the back pasture, surrounded by confused horses. And the time the ranch next door came over to let us know they found what they assumed was a giraffe-shaped inflatable pool in their replacement heifer pasture. Well, it was starting to look grim.

C: What about what your parents used for you girls?

Me: Don’t look at me that way, your parents used the same thing.

C: I know, but my parents had the sense not to put the cowboy pool under the mulberry trees. What a mess!

Me: If we had a tree on this place, I’d put the pool right under it.

C: I know. That’s the sad part.

After the Cowboy recovered from being walloped with a dish towel, he set off for the barns to rig up a cowboy swimming pool for our kiddos. Let me tell you. We live in a barn. With a feedlot behind us. A large silo beacons visitors to our house. And now, I have to get up the courage to invite friends of the kiddos to come swim in our cowboy swimming pool.

They were a bit confused at first. But the Cowboy explained that it was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

And then the fun began!

In case you don’t know what that is….it’s a cattle tank. Or water tank. Or horse tank. And it is not even new. It’s used. Well used.

And surprisingly in great shape. In front of it is our horse trailer, to the side is a flatbed trailer and behind it is this reminder that we are definitely not living in a normal world here:

To sum it all up in Dally’s special little way….”Just look at it this way, Mom. When you turn the horses out to mow the yard, they won’t drink the dog’s water anymore.”

I have no words for that.


2 Responses to “Cowboy Swimming Pool”

  1. Jen June 7, 2010 at 1:30 pm #

    Lily, you are a great writer. Love the new “swimming pool”!

  2. Beverly June 23, 2010 at 4:43 pm #

    Hi Lily. I came to see your blog since you commented on mine. You are on my feeds list now. I just wanted to tell you that we homeschool too.

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