Thankful for the Clutch

5 May

Yes. You’ve got it right. That’s transmission fluid and dirt on those pants. They’ve only been worn twice. They are part of an entire outfit.

Why did I let the Cowboy take her out in those pants?

Apparently, Dally is really an accomplished mechanic.

So much so, the Cowboy thinks that they should put a label on his rebuilt clutch that says: “So easy, a five year old can do it by herself.”

I guess she noticed that he had a hose or something backwards on the clutch.

Not sure where to mark that on her homeschool assessments!

Anyway….when I saw my little dirty kiddos looking up at me like this….

I was reminded of my Gratitude Journal.

Instead of being upset that the kiddos clothes were absolutely destroyed….I realized that I could make a few entries to the list of things for which I am grateful.

I keep the book next to my bed. Whenever life builds up on me too much, my kiddos are just driving me insane, the house is a wreck or I am so stressed I am considering a week long stay on a tropical island all by myself….

I read my Gratitude List. It helps. It really does….

Here’s some of the things on my list:

My cup of tea in the morning when I beat everyone up for once.

A sink full of dirty dishes and a family with full bellies.

Sunny spring days and my fingernails full of dirt.

Rainy spring days and listening to the rain hit the tin roof.

Curling up on the couch with a good book.

Watching the kiddos play together quietly…for a minute or two!

How the Cowboy insists on coming back and kissing me five or six times before he leaves in the morning.

Feeding the horses while the kiddos watch a movie in the truck. Ahhh. Quiet.

And my latest entries:

A Cowboy who understands that my house is a wreck because I have too much to do and too much help doing it. So he takes the kiddos for a few hours whenever he can.

Kiddos that love helping their Daddy.

Kiddos that miss their Mommy and can’t wait to hug her when they get home.

Kiddos that are dirty from playing.

The smell of the kiddos’ clean hair after bathtime.

Worn out kiddos that went immediately to sleep after dinner. Or in Bailey’s case — during dinner.

And Oxy-clean. Which got the transmission fluid out of those pants. Completely out. All the way. It’s a miracle.

Thankful for the clutch going out in the farm truck. It gave my little girl a chance to build a memory with her Daddy….and build a clutch, too.


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