Garden Trash

16 Apr

I guess the first thing you need to know about life at Cocklebur Junction is that one cowgirls treasure is her cowboy’s trash….

The cowboy is always griping at me about trash blowing into the pasture and ponds. Now, I have not ever just opened my door and thrown trash out on the front yard. We live where the wind blows a million miles an hour….For all I know, that plastic walmart sack blew in from Nebraska.

That’s life on the plains.

For example, while fishing this weekend. I noticed a Doritos bag in the pond. We don’t eat chips. I never buy them….I suspect the cowboy does, but he’s smart enough to not bring them in the house.

Cuz I’d sit down and inhale them in one big bite!

So I mention this fact.

He looks at me while slowly realing his fishing line in….”Yeah, well I’ve gotten at least two dozen plastic garden containers out of these ponds.”

I have no idea what he’s talking about. I always put any garden containers I’m not saving in a garbage bag immediately (otherwise I think they blow to Texas).  Or I put them in a storage box under my gardening bench.

Oh well….

But then….

Oh yeah….there’s a then…

You know the little plastic stakes that come with plants that have their information on them? Well I keep them, putting them all in a rubber band with a tag of what year I planted them. That way I can keep track of the varieties of flowers and shrubs I’ve planted.

I had taken all these pictures of my garden to post, and went to get my tags…..

And they are gone! They aren’t there! I almost got onto the kiddos, but I realized if they had them, they would be scattered all over the front yard….

The cowboy threw them away! He said he was tired of finding them in the pasture and he gathered up all five years worth that were in my potting shed and threw them away! Away! Forever!

I would be really mad….but, um, I got caught hit and running a piece of farm equipment by his shop due to the fact that I didn’t realize that the lug nut covers from my truck were lying next the the wrecked piece of equipment. I’m not a good criminal.

So he gets a pass.

And I get stuck with an flower beds full of flowers and shurbs that I can’t remember what are….Oh well. At least they are pretty.

I remeber this is sage...what kind? Who knows?I have no idea. Let's call it Sagium The Cowboy Threw My Name Away....


African Daisies...I think...Um, Daisiums Lily Needs To Cover Her Tracks Better


Pretty pink tulips...Whenever you say it around Bailey, she touches her lips!!! What kind are they? Oh well, we'll never know.


My favorite new perennial. It is a type of woodland phlox. Not a phlox fan, but it looks so pretty sticking up between my day lilies.


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