Catching up…it’s all I ever do!

14 Apr

I’ve become a very baaaad blogger. I swear, I just posted the other day….right? At least in the past week? MONTH?

Well, darn it….I’m just so swamped.

But I promise you I’m back.

A little blonder (thanks to Amanda at the Parlour).

But I’m back.

So here’s some pics of what we’ve been doing lately.

We dyed eggs. Which is fun when you are five years old….

But is not that exciting when you are two!

Then we searched for those sneaky eggs. You have to run really fast to do this.

And check out that stylish dress Dally’s wearing…um, did I mention I made it?

Unless you are two years old…Then you wonder around wondering why you never noticed all the candy-filled eggs in the grass before.

This morning, I caught her looking under the big tulip leaves in the flower bed….I know what she was looking for!

We’ve worked a lot in our flower beds and veggie garden….what’s my secret, you ask?

First, go to Lowes and buy 800 lbs of manure. (I know, I know, I live on a ranch…we have plenty of free manure if you want to pick it up. I might have the want, don’t have the time!) Then bring it home. Have a cowboy smirk at you and ask how you plan to get it all out of the truck and into the garden. Threaten to throw manure at him. Spend four hours getting the manure into the garden beds. Go take a bubble bath and eat an entire package of oreos.

Simple, huh?

Check out these precious little pettiskirts….I call them –

My pretty little princess ballerina!

And –

My little rocker ballerina!!!

Okay, I’ll be back again later….and if it’s sooner, we’ll just consider that a surprise!


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