Where does the time go?

23 Mar

I realize that I haven’t written anything here for a while! Things have been insane around Cocklebur Junction. We’ve been busy preparing for a beautiful spring. Then we had a blizzard….yep, about 12 inches of snow in one day. I had the thrill of driving in it. Let’s just say the steering wheel on the farm truck is a little warped now from the grip I had on that thing!

But now the snow is melting and we are getting ready for Dally’s 5th birthday party. I tend to do insane when it comes to birthday parties.

Let’s chalk it up to the pressure of trying to get my entire house clean at one time. Which, um….right now….is looking like I’m going to have to close off the laundry room with a child gate….and pray no one opens any closet doors.

But then again, I have like four more days. A miracle could happen…

And let me tell you a secret. While I am making the cake from scratch, I am not making homemade cookies this year. I figured that at five years of age, Dally can help dip oreos in white chocolate. 

After all, I have more work than I can handle around here. You know what happens when snow melts? It becomes mud. With the cowboy down near the Texas border this week, I’m back to feeding animals around here.

Plus, I asked God to bless me with work and now I am writing dozens of articles a week. The money is great and I love the research and writing. I have become a little obsessed with getting one more article done before I go to bed. But I just chalk that up to loving what I do. I am so thankful that the Cowboy and I are so blessed with talents that we enjoy and make money with.

Okay, enough of the catching up. In celebrating Dally’s 5th birthday, here are some pics from her birthdays in the past!

Not the best quality picture, but Dally’s first birthday! It was just the Cowboy, me, Dally and Granny Janes. Her favorite meal of spaghetti was served. Followed by chocolate cake and a bath. And the usage of lots of stain remover!

Dally’s second birthday featured a St. Patrick’s Day theme, because she was born on…..St Patrick’s Day. Our little Dally Dun Teague is our lucky charm! For her second birthday, the cowboy wasn’t home. So Dally and I made a cake together. Then we ate the cake. Then Mommy decided to join Overeaters Anonymous. After which, she was so proud of herself, she ate another cake.

I love cake.

Dally’s first birthday party was for her third birthday! Can we say one thrilled little girl? Or big girl….don’t make me start crying again!

A garden themed party for my kiddo. She followed this pose up by declaring “Rock on, Momma”. Oh my.

A puppy themed party for a four year old….and yes. That is a weird pink fire hydrant on top of that puppy cake. It was a last minute attempt by the Mommy. It looked better than the Mommy, who only had time to take off her apron and put on chapstick before everyone arrived. Just to have kiddos destroy the house.

Hint….the older they get, the more destruction they cause. Over the age of four, plan things for them to do. Or just join in on drawing on your own walls.

And this years theme? Well, now. You’ll just have to wait and see. I’m a little mean that way. And I do need to get up and see if there is a sink under that pile of dishes in there. It’s been so long, I can’t remember!


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