The new pole in my life…..

22 Jan

No, I’m not dancing around it either!!! Hee hee. Could you imagine? It would be awful….I would probably hurt myself.

I am talking about the worst part of my Hughesnet experience. Oh, I love how fast it moves so far. I have literally been to a lot of sites that I never went to before because of the time it took to download them.

There are lots of new pics of my kiddos on my facebook page.

But there is now a pole in my life.

Apparently, for liability reasons, they can not mount the dish on a metal roof or home. So they mount it on a pole instead.

Yep, it’s not really a great look.

You see, my desk is located in the living room for two reasons: 1 – easy to watch the kiddos from the desk, and 2 – the view from the windows.

You may remember this view….

It rocks. Our goal is to pretty much make this side of the barn all windows.

But now…..well, there’s a big dish on a pole in the middle of my view.

Yee haw.

At least it’s temporary. A porch is going there sometime in the next few months. And the dish will be relocated to the porch roof.

The price of technology….I miss my view.


2 Responses to “The new pole in my life…..”

  1. So Not Mom-a-licious January 22, 2010 at 11:41 am #

    P.S. I think taking latex balloons with you is a genius idea! Especially knowing that I’m gonna get nickel and dimed to death.

    Did they give you lessons on how to use the pole? heehee 😉

  2. Helene January 25, 2010 at 10:39 am #

    Uh, yeah I could see how that would totally ruin the view! But I guess it’s worth having high-speed internet…well, maybe not!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog..hope you’ll be back again soon!

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