Oh, please don’t let that be poop

30 Dec

If you are a mom, I guarantee that you have probably thought that thought.

Maybe even more than once.

When Dally was two, she was the queen of getting out of her diaper and pooping in odd places. Like on one of the window seats in the living room. 

Or on the kitchen table. Right in the middle of it.

That’s the reason for rule number three around here. No poop on the table.

Oh, gosh. What has happened to my life? I’m blogging about poop.

Now Bailey usually keeps her poop in her diaper. And the bathtub. Our tub has never seen so many cleanings. However, Bailey has a condition that gives her explosive bouts of diarrhea. Oh yeah.

They haven’t made a diaper that can hold it all in.

So you can understand why my mind was screaming, “Oh, please don’t let that be poop!” when I looked in Dally’s room the other evening and found this —

Um, I freaked out a bit.

Went a little closer. Smelled chocolate and…..cherries?

Apparently, she’d gotten into her dad’s chocolate covered cherries and gorged herself till she fell asleep. Still clutching the chocolate covered cherries.

Which melted.

And were smeared all over her. Her bed. Her face. Ick.

Well, at least it wasn’t poop.


2 Responses to “Oh, please don’t let that be poop”

  1. Date Girl December 30, 2009 at 2:04 pm #

    hahahaa, I was praying it wasn’t poop either! I’m not a mom yet so I’m not immune to gross things like poo on the face. I tuned into one episode of Jon and Kate and was welcomed by the one where one of the little ones smears poo all over the wall. Lovely. So much to look forward to in mommyhood eh? 😉

  2. wendiwinn December 30, 2009 at 8:10 pm #

    i’m all about the “please don’t let that be poop!” i’m also all about the “if that’s poop you’re eating, i’m gonna spank you!”

    being a mom is the best ever.

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