Arms like hercules

29 Dec

A bikini body is definitely what I’m going to have after this winter. Last winter, I had heated water tanks for the horses. However, I have colts being weaned very late this year, and they are using all the heated tanks in the pens.

So this is where the horses have to drink.

Yep, we’ve got four ponds and a creek. Completely frozen over. To get to all that nice ice cold water, I have to chop the ice off the top first.

With an ax. Yeah, that’ s what I thought. Give Lily an ax…..spend a day at the hospital.

Oh, that ice can’t be that thick. This is Oklahoma….

That chunk of ice may not look like it, but it six inches thick. Um. My arms are hurting. I had to chop through that with an ax. An ax made for a man, not a little girl like me.

Now, to be honest, if you chop the ice right — you make a square and keep sliding the ice you just cut up under the other ice — it won’t be so hard to chop it in the following days. But I got tired after cutting about a three foot hole.

I told the horses they’d just have to take turns. Came back the next morning and finished chopping it to the appropriate size. By the time I was finished, I was kinda hoping I’d just fall through the ice.

Um, did I already say my arms hurt? They do.

But they’re going to look great in the spring.

From chopping ice and carrying hundreds of pounds of hay and feed every day. I think I deserve a chocolate-covered oreo now. If I could only reach my arms up high enough to get them off the top of the fridge.


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