Christmas Past, Present and Future

23 Dec

Christmas. What an amazing time of year. So many emotions that aren’t as easily wrapped and sealed as the gifts we give each other.

I mean, just look around.

The stores are filled with expectations and frustrations. The lights on the houses twinkle with pride and childhood joy. Our kiddos bubble over with excitement. We spend time telling each other how much we love each other — whether it be through gifts, special meals or just time together.

I think Dickens was onto something when he combined the past, present and future into a Christmas story.

It’s near impossible to not think of the past when Christmas time approaches. It may be as joyous as remembering your little one’s first Christmas or your first Christmas as a couple. It could be as bittersweet as having one less name on your Christmas list this year. Knowing their is one more angel in heaven. Our family has shed a few tears this Christmas in remembrance.

The future isn’t always thought of….just look at how many people are using their charge cards to buy gifts out there! But if you have kids, you are probably thinking of the future without even knowing it. I mean that’s what family traditions are really about. It’s not about looking back. It’s about making memories to carry with you in the future. We all try to give our kiddos the best Christmas we can. Full of sugar cookies and sparkling trees. For the future.

And the most important of all — the present. I have tried to live more in the present this year. And I haven’t always succeeded. Isn’t it ironic that Christmastime is so filled with where-are-we-going-next and what-do-I-have-to-do-now? We end up missing so many of the little moments that it’s really all about. We miss out on the most important “present”. The only thing that is certain in our lives here on earth. Right now.

Slow down. I know there are cookies to decorate and dishes to wash and gifts to wrap. It’ll get done. You can be sure that Mary and Joseph were thinking of the past and the future that one night a long, long time ago. But for a moment, time stood still for them. I’m sure that all that mattered for a while was that they were holding their precious baby. And to them, that baby was the perfect gift. Just a baby for a little while.


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