Decorating the kiddos!

15 Dec

While I enjoy decorating my home for Christmas, I absolutely love decorating my kiddos. After all, we don’t have many people out to Cocklebur Junction very often, so why not take our Christmas decor out with us?

However, with the kiddos getting older and so many ranch chores to do this time of the year, I find it hard to find the time to do all the things I want to do. But I recently learned this little tip for making quick and easy hairbows for the girls during the holiday season.

Go to a craft store and purchase some premade bows for decorating gifts. These came from Hobby Lobby and were 50% off. So for $1.50, I have three ready made bows. I bought several packages of them.

You also need a hot glue gun and hair clippies. Now I make tons of bows for the kiddos, so I buy the clippies when they are on sale. You can use either the alligator clips or the regular springy clips.

And just a tip — the bigger the bow, the bigger the clip.

Take the premade bow off of it’s backing. I just bent the staple out a bit, pulled the cardboard off and then flattened the staple back down to hold the bow together. If you wanted to get really fancy and get rid of the staple all together, you could always take the staple out completely and use some cooridinating ribbon around the middle of the bow. Um, I didn’t have time for that.

Then put some hot glue on your clippy. Stick the bow on the clippy. Hold it on there. Don’t cuss in front of your kiddos. Next time, buy the low heat hot glue gun (which still burns a bit).

And you have a bow. Do it again and you can have two bows. I think I did it twelve times. We like bows.

Here’s what they look like in Dally’s hair.

Now can you guess what the kiddos where doing while I was putting together bows?

Seriously, this takes decorating the kiddos to a whole new level!


One Response to “Decorating the kiddos!”

  1. Aunt Boo December 16, 2009 at 10:20 am #

    Ha! They look like little monsters. Can’t wait to see them at Christmas!!

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