In full disclosure with the FTC

12 Dec

I am old school.

There I finally admit it. There’s a reason the girls in college called me Grandma.

I follow the rules. Yep. I know you are shocked. I don’t even speed, um….very often.

And in staying with the new FTC rules, I am now going to give my full disclosure statement on this blog.

I make no money on this blog.

No matter how many times you click on something, i don’t get paid. Anything.

The giveaway I had a week or so ago for the Ree Drummand The Pioneer Woman Cooks book, I bought it.

Stood in line with all the other Ree fans and had it signed. Anything nice said about Ree on this sign was unsolicitated and said because, well, I’m nice. And so are all my readers. And Ree is very gracious and nice as well. You’d never find anything hateful on her site.

And I believe in full disclosure. If someone gave me something for free to review or give to you readers, I’d sure as heck tell you how nice they were. We all love something free.

And most of the bloggers I know give honest reviews. They tell the downsides of a product too.

But my question is, where is the FTC when I’m watching tv or listening to the radio? Do they hear all the words that still “aren’t allowed” by law? Well, my kiddos do sometimes, before I’m able to get the tv turned off. And what about the advertisements for horror movies that pop up in the middle of the disney movie the kiddos are watching? Where is the FTC then? Can’t they afford three people to watch the three major broadcast networks for that kind of stuff? I know a lot of people who would love to get paid to watch television! What are they busy doing?

Hmmm, I guess they are reading blogs to make sure we are all giving full disclosure.

Blop, oops, I fell off the soap box. Back to making bows to show you later.


One Response to “In full disclosure with the FTC”

  1. Mommyof2girlz @ A Pocket Full of Buttons December 12, 2009 at 7:30 pm #

    I hear the “words” too and yet I have to worry every time I post a review to make sure my disclosure fits that post..whatever.
    Thanks for stopping by on my feature day it is great to meet you and don’t worry your “undie” secret is safe with me..made me crack up…lol

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