And the winner is….

7 Dec

Definitely not Bailey, who was sitting in a carseat filled with Starbucks coffee. Because Dally was in a bad mood, so we went through the drivethru and did the drawing while sitting in the truck outside of Starbucks in Sedalia, Missouri.

Just to announce who won the Ree Drummand cookbook. Signed. Not by me, by Ree.

Hee hee.

Sorry, they were both screaming.

Here’s how we ended up determining the winner. Everyone was assigned a number. If you entered four times, you got four numbers. There were 48 entries, so we numbered them 01 to 48. Dally then drew two single numbers out of the bag.

Those numbers were….seriously, you are winning the signature….the cookbooks only $20 at that big shopping center that has taken over every small town across America….But $20 is a lot of Great Value Macaroni and Cheese!

First, I had Dally pic a number from her head. Then I realized that she probably would favor the numbers 01 – 10. So I disregarded that. Then I wrote the numbers 0 through 9 on a piece of paper and she drew two of them.

And the winner was….

Julie P. of Ponca City, Oklahoma. She was also the number that Dally picked. I happen to know Julie is already a great cook and I can’t wait to try her versions of The Pioneer Woman Cooks recipes.

Sorry it took so long to get this up and running. We Christmas shopped all weekend. And you know how that is.

Um, bought myself a lot. Impulse bought the cowboy a gun. Don’t tell him. Hope he likes it. I’m just happy I passed that background check….after all, you never know what aliases they’ve linked to your name…


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