Borrowing some leaves

27 Nov

Somewhere in the rush of getting everything we need to fit into one day, I realized that rarely do we just take the time to run around and play.

I know, I know. It’s hard to believe. But between all the animals, the upkeep on Cocklebur Junction, the kiddos, the homeschooling and the dishes, I have forgotten to just jump in the leaves.

And that may be because we have no leaves. So we went to Granny Janes’s house to rake her leaves for her.

And by rake her leaves, I mean rake one small pile, jump in them and throw them at each other. This is because Granny has at least forty acres of just leaves.

I know, the adult in me says that this is an itchy activity. We could get ticks. We could get leaves in our underwear.

You just stand there and watch for five minutes and I guarantee that you will jump in and join the fun. It’s irresistable.

And a lot of fun to accomplish nothing but teaching the girls to rake up leaves and jump in. Showing Dally how to climb a tree. Chasing Bailey around the yard.

Well, I guess I did get something done. I cut down a tree.

Just kidding. But I am expected to cut it up and take it home for firewood.


One Response to “Borrowing some leaves”

  1. Brenda B December 4, 2009 at 9:39 am #

    I love it!!! It is so true, and too often we forget to slow down and have fun. They are only little once and they will cherish that moment when you took them to play in the leaves.

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