A Yorkie’s Thanksgiving

27 Nov

Dally’s number one love in her life is her Grandmother’s Yorkie. Chigger is tiny and fragile. But try explaining that to a four year old.

Poor Chigger. She dreads the holidays.

First, Dally figured out that Chigger fits in all sorts of neat containers.

Oh, she’s been in shoes, boxes, purses, rope bags and, in this case, a lego container.

This one was probably the safest thing she’d been stuffed into in a while.

She doesn’t look too terribly upset by this….

Oh, if she only knew what was to come!



Because next, we had our hair done.

Yes. And then Chigger needed to learn all about Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer. Because all puppies need to know about reindeer.

So, for the next to best part of Chigger’s day, Dally sat down and was completely still for thirty minutes while Chigger learned the story of Rudolf.

You may wonder what the best part of Chigger’s day was?

When we went home….It’ll take a while for her to recover.


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