The kitchen table and beyond

23 Nov

My kitchen table is always a mess. There was this one time, several years ago, when it was cleaned off with a nice table runner, centerpiece and candles. And then we had the kiddos.

Now it is constantly covered with crayons, watercolors, papers, craft stuff and other homeschooling materials.

Yes, I am homeschooling the kiddos. And yes, even Bailey is homeschooled at two years old. Don’t you think that every stay at home mom (or even working mom) is homeschooling their children to some extent. I mean, who teaches the kiddos their colors, to brush their teeth, the tie their shoes, to wear their underwear under their clothes? It’s just how long and how much you are homeschooling. We are in it up to our necks.

And because Dally never goes to school, we find ourselves up to our necks in stuff that needs to be put away too. Seriously, I need an entire day without the kiddos to clean this place up a bit…

At four and a half, Dally absolutely loves to sit down and write. She loves workbooks and worksheets. But after all my research and organization of what we would do for her preschool and kindergarten years of homeschooling, I am surprised to find that a lot of what we are doing isn’t at the kitchen table at all.

It’s other places.

Like in Granny’s front yard, learning all about fall. And gravity…you know, what goes up must come down.

Or hiding behind the one tree we have at our house. You know, unicorns do really exist. This one smells like cotton candy.

It’s in learning to ride a horse, catch a fish, grow a tomato and make a cake.

At Cocklebur Junction, homeschooling is so much more than what we put down on paper. It’s simply what we do.


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