What is that? Oh no it isn’t. Ahhhhhh!

17 Nov

The week we closed on our new barn…um, I mean house…my dad passed away. So off baby Dally and I went to be with my Mom and Sis. When I returned, with Mom and baby in tow, our new house had been sitting empty for a few weeks. The cowboy said that he just didn’t feel right moving into it without me.

Which sounds sweet. Unless you speak cowboy.

Then it really sounds like: I didn’t want to pack. That’s your job, Lil. I know better than to touch your clothes. I might wrinkle them and you’d have to iron them again.

(Which I did anyway. Come on, if you move clothes, they must be ironed again. It’s one of my ironing rules.)

So late one night, after an emotionally long day of repacking the entire rent house with a newborn and my mom, I grabbed the baby and drove over to our new house to look around.

It looked a little more like a barn when there was no furniture in it. And it had been a really long day, week and month. So I’m doing a little bit of my normal freaking out.

That’s when something caught my attention. Hidden in the deep dark corners of our utility hallway was something that looked, well, just plain wrong. So, like the heroine in the horror movie that goes into the dark room even though you yell at her not to, I went closer. And closer.

And closer.

Until I recognized what it was.

And then, I’m not ashamed to say, I think I peed. A little. Come on, I just had a baby. You know what I’m talking about.

I found the six foot long skin of this:


And while I know it was just the skin, my special freaking out sense told me that where there is the skin, the snake could be living.

So I ran. As fast as I could. Right out the front door.

Then I ran back in, grabbed Dally in her carseat and ran out the door again.

By the time I found the cowboy, who was out riding through a neighbor’s cows, I was hysterical. There was no way I was ever going to live in that house with a…a…baby eating snake. Cuz by this point, I was sure a six foot long snake could eat my baby. Ummm, let’s not tell the cowboy I left the baby in the house, might not make me appear too much like the super momma I really am.

It didn’t help that the cowboy pointed out that where a rat snake lives, there are plenty of these:

Yeah, um…no.


One Response to “What is that? Oh no it isn’t. Ahhhhhh!”

  1. Karen December 3, 2009 at 3:03 pm #

    Blah! What a rotten housewarming (chilling) present!
    So, your post begs the question: have you moved in yet?

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