Thank you, McDonalds….no, I really mean it…

16 Nov

For giving my daughter a stamp loaded with ink. Strawberry-scented ink. It’s what she’s always wanted.

And Lord knows, every child needs.

Once, she got into my scrapbook stamping stuff. Well, Mr. McDonalds (cuz only a man would give a four year old a stamp loaded with ink), that was a mess. It took me an hour to clean up the stamps. And we are still missing one ink pad. Where is that ink pad? WHERE?

So imagine our surprise when we opened that nifty paper bag that you now put Happy Meals in and found a little strawberry shaped object. Once we figured out how to open it, she went to town and back with the thing. It was such a great idea.

However….next time could you please give her directions on how to use it?

Because she now has little red strawberry shortcakes all over her face. And her jeans. And the window next to her carseat. And on one foot. And I’m pretty sure there’s one on the back of my shirt.

But she smells good.


The Surprise Lily


One Response to “Thank you, McDonalds….no, I really mean it…”

  1. Errin December 4, 2009 at 9:51 am #

    I think Lauren and your girls are both plotting! Lauren had a yellow one and that was not too bad. Then next time a pink one. She had it all over her arm and i was trying to figure out what she was into that would give her hives. Luckily we escaped the ER visit that was in the back of my mind and used a wash cloth instead.

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