Here we go round the big red barn…

16 Nov

Everybody sing now!

Justin’s parents got the girls a toy that sings Here we go round the big red barn, the big red barn, the big red barn…

They love this little car. They are either fighting over it, or ram each other into the wall with it. But I recently felt the need to explain to Dally that it takes very special batteries that are only found at very special battery stores. One day, we will try to find them, but for now it will be a quiet toy.

My sanity required this little white lie. I was starting to sing the song in my sleep.

It could be our family theme song. You see, we live in a big red barn.

Our house was originally a feed store. If you ever drive by it, you’ll notice that the back half has a big white panel. That’s where local cattlemen (or their wives!) used to back up and get feed. The pens and silo and feed bins behind the houes are part of an old feedlot. Cowboys stop all the time and tell us stories about our place. It’s kinda neat.

The barn part is entirely made out of metal. Our house was built inside of the barn. Which works out fairly well. Umm, except for a few things — it takes a LOT to heat and cool it, it makes a lot of really weird noises at night and you have to hang out the north window of the living room to get cell phone reception. Which the cowboy does all the time. I have yet to give in to the urge to push him out of it. I’m saving it….for when he really deserves it.

In general — it is a new and unique experience. Living in a barn.

Sometimes I look around and wonder, How in the world did I get here? I’m raising my kids in a barn!

Then I remember…….I married a cowboy.

How did he go insane and end up buying me a barn/house? I blame it on daddy-to-be crisis.

Some men face this. It’s worse than a mid-life crisis. You see, we didn’t think we’d ever have children. To put it delicately, we had no problem getting pregnant, just couldn’t stay that way. For several years, we tried and tried and tried. Then we decided we would try one more time.

We had a 2% chance of having a baby. I spent a good eight months on bed rest. We were at the hospital a couple of times a week for the entire pregnancy. But somewhere around 34 weeks, it sunk in.

We were going to have a baby!

I was thrilled. The cowboy freaked out.

First, he sold his motorcycle. He quit the job he’d been at for almost ten years.  Then, he did the worst possible thing you can do to a pregnant woman who has nested and filled a nursery full of wonderful little pink things.

He sold my house.  I’m nine months pregnant, and he sold our house.

So we started packing. In the middle of packing, and freaking out because we hadn’t found a place to buy yet, Dally Dun Teague decided it was time to be born. And that set off a whole chain of events.

While we are in the hospital, we get a call saying that the buyer wasn’t going to honor the rent-back agreement to let us stay in the house thirty days past closing. So we came home and moved out the next day. Dally spent one night in the nursery that I’d been working on for years and years.

We moved into a rent house. It didn’t have running water. I had to pump water from a well in front of the house for two days while the piping issue was figured out. After giving birth. Oh, not a happy woman. But I “cowboyed up” anyway.

So, when Justin came home and said he found a place to buy, I told him I didn’t even need to see it. As long as it had running water, I was happy. So he bought me a barn.

And at first, the idea of living in a barn was slightly appealing. I mean, who else do you know that lives in a barn?

But that feeling quickly ended. Tune in tomorrow to find out what really freaky thing I found living in our house before we moved in. And why I absolutely refused to move into the house.


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